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Drug Trafficking

Fighting To Minimize Drug Trafficking Consequences

At Horan Law Offices, P.C., Attorneys at Law, we take drug trafficking or distribution charges very seriously. When even a first offense carries a minimum mandatory prison sentence, we know that your future is on the line. We will fight to protect it.

With 20 years of experience, attorney Adnan Horan is a skilled and knowledgeable advocate for our clients in Phoenix and the surrounding areas of Arizona. He knows the law, and he knows how to protect your rights while seeking a favorable resolution.

You do not have to wait to be arrested to talk to a lawyer. If you believe you are under investigation, call us at 888-459-5019 or 602-266-4444 | 888-HORAN44.

Defending Against Trafficking And Distribution Charges

Building a defense for drug trafficking, sale or distribution requires careful evaluation of every element of your case. We will begin by scrutinizing your arrest and the circumstances that led up to it. Some of the questions we will seek answers to are:

  • If your home was searched, did police have a search warrant and was it executed properly?
  • If you were arrested in a traffic stop, did police have a lawful reason for stopping you?
  • Did police legally search your car?
  • Were your rights violated at any point during or after the arrest?
  • Who else had access to the drugs?

In addition to reviewing the search and seizure, we will also consider the weight of the drugs in question. The weight of the drugs can directly impact the penalties you face. We may request that the drugs be re-weighed to make sure there were no errors the first time.

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The representation I received from the Horan Law Offices, aided me during the most difficult time of my life. Through their representation, we secured a large settlement. - Mr. Smith

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